Hire a photographer for your wedding, it’s trusting his eye for the images that will illustrate the most beautiful day of your life.

I am so grateful for all my couples to give me their trust for these important moments, I do all what’s in my hands, my heart and my soul for you to keep the best memories.

When we meet for the first time, I look forward for you to share your vision for your wedding project.


Boho wedding, rock wedding, british wedding, I love all of them !

Vans on, camera and Cage the Elephant on the radio, here are what makes me happy !

What I like the most are offbeat weddings, non-ordinary  and unconventional weddings.

I love the badassness of a rock wedding, the madness of a gipsy wedding, the simplicity of a garden party wedding, the elegance of a british wedding, the oddity of an industrial wedding, the originality of a boho ethnic wedding.

For me, every wedding is a new world to discover and I love to be the explorer that tells the story of what I observed.

I love to capture these unnoticed things that have all their meaning.

To have a look at some of these weddings: rock wedding photographer / city wedding photographer/ boho wedding photographer / industrial wedding photographer / urban wedding photographer

I always work with natural day light, to have natural living and spontaneous results.

I am discreet and I can comfort you if needed.

I really love playing with lines and perspectives.