How I became
a photographer

I haven’t wanted to be a wedding photographer before.

I have been a teddy bears headmistress, a lawyer then even a doctor specialized in prescriptions.

Then I grew up a bit, and I wanted to do something else. I tried a lot of jobs. I even tried photography as a swiss famous press photographer’s assistant and that’s when I remember me saying « if I ever become a photographer, please slap me in the face ».

At that time, I didn’t know yet, but nobody was going to slap me in the face.

That’s how I found myself working in an advertising agency in Paris as a junior art director.

I worked for big clients like Nintendo and some other big small fishes eaters like I was, and I remember me saying « I quit ! ».

Everything became extremely clear as I decided to set up on my own as a photographer, eight years ago now.

I do think that, even if like all of us photographers « I was passionate of images since I was little », sometimes, we don’t see that what we actually do since we’re a child, it may become later our true job.

That was the most beautiful revelation in my life.

Melanie Bultez
wedding photographer

What I most like, it’s entering people’s lives, the time of one day (and a bit more), as if I was opening a window on one’s life, here and there, and watching what was happening.

I like to see people’s home interiors, because it says a lot : how they live, what they’re used to do, their hobbies, tastes, moods, trends, and that makes me write better their story.

I also like what link us together. I try to be insconpicuous on the D day and to be there when I’m needed, even if it means helping like a bride’s assistant.

What I love in my job, it’s working in what I call the « happiness industry ». It means share great moments, laughs, tears, discover gorgeous places and have the luck to live magical things, sometimes funny, unexpected things, all the time in a really good mood.


Besides being a wedding photographer, I capture lifestyle moments in families like maternity or newborn session.

I am also a corporate and food photographer, where I highlight business owners and their incredible work or products.

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