A question ?

If you do not find your answer, let me know !

1. Do you shoot anywhere ?

I love to travel, move around, and especially meet new cultures, minds and traditions. I can move anywhere, your travel costs will be th one I really pay without marging.

2.How many images are delivered and what is the delivery deadline ?

There is no limit in the photos I give you, but usually, for a full coverage, you get between 500 and 1200 images. I give you everything that is good.

The post-production takes maximum 8 weeks.

3. What is the « post-production » ?

I start by selecting the good photos (delete the double shot, the blurred ones, the unframed…).

Then I work on each photo to make it great by adjusting settings like light, levels, curves etc. I also put some of them in B&W.

4. Do I have the rights on the photos ?

You can print them by your own means, share them with family and friends in private, you can post them on your social media. What you can’t do is use them for commercial use.

5. Who choose the photos in the book ?

It’s you. As soon as you get the final images in HD, you can make your choice of 40-60 photos depending on which book you have in your package.

6.Is there an appointment before the wedding ?

I do meet the couple before signing anything, in order to be sure that I am the good one who understands your need and matches with you, and to create a human link aswell !

When I cannot meet you in person because of distance or timing, we use Skype to meet you two in visio conference.

After that, you can send me emails, I will be glad to help and support you if you have any questions, doubts or if you worry about something.

We will meet again around 2 weeks before your big day.

7. How to book ?

First, we meet, then if we match, I send you the contract.

There is also a deposit of 720 euros in order to reserve the day and book accomodation/train/plane etc. The deposit cannot be refund.

8.How do you select the couples you want to work with ?

I have a lot of requests every year, I often get several ones for the same day.

It is very important for me that the couple share the same vision as me. I have a particular style and I have my experience, and a feeling with the couple, it’s not possible for act on a first-come-first-served basis.

The first thing that you should be interested in isn’t the price but the style of the photos you would like.

Then you contact me and we meet to talk about your wedding.

I f I don’t feel comfortable with a couple, I don’t go further, because what’s important in my artistic job is trust and feeling, it’s essential to creativity.

If I think our universes are crossing, that we really get well together and I have all your trust, I will not be there to take pictures, I will be there to take memories, and that’s what matter the most.

9. I don’t feel comfortable with the lens, how can I do ?

Don’t worry, it is very common, moreover, it takes you and me 15 minutes to get used to the place, the moment, the session. I will guide you in order to have spontaneous and intimate moments full of complicity.

I also do engagement sessions, that can help a lot with your fear of the lens. It is a photo session we do before the wedding, with casual clothes and it’s an excellent trial to have an idea for me, of who you are, and for you, of what you look like through my camera.

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